Rag rugs

I was telling someone about the rugs I made, and thought I'd write it up.

Braided Rug

For the braided strips, there is Rustic Braided Rag Rugs which has a diagram that helps, but I found this one more useful: How to Make a No-Sew Rag Rug (but it doesn't load, so you can see it at WayBack: 2013 version of No-Sew Rag Rug  ). 

I really liked the look of rug in an oval (like a thumbprint), but I had trouble going around the curve, adding more strips.

mine, made in 2014, avoided the curve by doing rows:

small braided rug
braided strips, in rows

I tried again in 2020 with some sweatshirt strips.

it's after this point that the increases confuse me

I got it done, but it wants to curl. I later took this apart and used the strips in crochet.

Twined Rugs

For the twined rugs, you can find a bunch of videos on youtube if you search for twining rug or twined rug. I think this is the one I used, although it's been awhile: Rag Rug Weaving
I made this one in 2014. I think I used string on the vertical.
That's a size full bed it's on.

twining rug

Then I did one with the jersey sheets (which I had dyed) and yarn verticals in 2015:

twining with jersey strips

It's on the same bed…

jersey strip rug

I made a smaller, but thicker one in 2016, starting at the bottom instead of the top, which made it easier to keep it tight.

sheet strips with Tshirt strips for verticals

It's on the same bed, but the other direction (it's smaller).

thicker rug with sheet strips

I still have the boards and rods for the frame, and lots of sheets to use up.

Sewn Strip Rug

Back in 2015 I used Tshirt strips to sew onto a towel. Then I cut the strips.
Cut that Rug
Tshirt strip rug