photos by Joy Reynolds

  • image 1668-light-my-fire-jpg

    Light My Fire

    Found in the zo´calo in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • image 8590-steve-mike-jpg

    Steve and Mike

    looking for treasure on Corpus Christi bay

  • image 5381-stoic-jpg


    Hermann Park, Houston

  • image 5200-lizard-jpg


    A new lizard surveys his territory on our patio.

  • image 3606-complementary-jpg


    Found in a nursery in Florida

  • image 3616-on-top-of-his-world-jpg

    On Top Of His World

    big Florida bug

  • image 7389-in-charge-jpg

    In Charge

    at the beach in south Texas

  • image 8447-mustache-jpg


    local Texas duck doing his French impression

  • image 57-caladium-topography-jpg

    Caladium Topography

    at the nursery

  • image 0892-old-tree-fingerprint-jpg

    Old Tree Fingerprints

    Found in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • image 7852-family-walk-jpg

    Family Walk

    prolific ducks at the apartment pond

  • image 3661-stillness-jpg


    Hermann Park, Houston

  • image 9247-energy-jpg


    flowers in the median of our street

  • image 3285-camouflage-jpg


    trees lining Lexington Avenue

  • image 3610-passion-ballerinas-jpg

    Passion Ballerinas

    Found at a Florida nursery

  • image 5369-dont-ruffle-my-feathers-jpg

    Don't Ruffle My Feathers

    Hermann Park, Houston

  • image 6478-cactus-jpg


    Mike Burnett's garden, Houston

  • image 6870-dinner-jpg


    What goes on at Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

  • image 0610-you-crack-me-up-jpg

    You Crack Me Up!

    Found in downtown Houston

  • image 4651-orchid-jpg


    Found in the botanical garden, Corpus Christi Texas Is that a duck head in there?

  • image 8066-look-close-jpg

    Look Close

    Hermann Park, Houston Does someone paint these such pretty colors?

  • image 7233-eat-me-jpg

    Eat Me

    A short drive from our house in Sugar Land Texas

  • image 7388-day-at-the-beach-jpg

    Day At The Beach

    San Luis Pass, Texas

  • image 5818-mixed-message-jpg

    Mixed Message

    Found at Mike Burnett's house, Houston

© 2008 Joy Reynolds

Valerie: Great photos. Really great!!!!!
Love the lizard and the Texas Duck doing French impression.
Keep them coming.
They are so beautiful. I may want to order the Stillness picture.
Good eye, great textures.

Terri: Great pics! I love the way she did the birds, a day at the beach, a close look...etc.

Carolyn: Interesting shots, Joy!
My favorites are the caladium topography (what a cool name) it looks like a gorgeous painting.
And the ruffled feathers--it makes me smile and smile. If I were a bird I would look just like that fairly often.
You must have done some computer magic on the black bird.
Go Joy--must be fulfilling to be capturing some remarkable images.

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