nrQi Child Theme

Enjoy a bold look, with all the customization options of Weaver II.

nrQi-1 orange green

nrQi-1 orange green

  • child theme for Weaver II
  • separate set of Weaver options from the parent set
  • 9 subthemes for color variations
  • 9 header images to choose from
  • 9 background image variations
  • stripe class can be used in your content
  • Google Font for site title
  • current date parameters for weaver_show_posts shortcode

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The built-in subthemes default to a right sidebar. Here is how some other configurations look.


  • Built with: Weaver II 1.3
  • Release Date: March 2013
  • Last Updated: Dec 2013
  • Dependencies: Weaver II 1.3.3+ for separate option set